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Fee: $50 (includes breakfast and lunch)

AICP CM: 3 Credits

Questions? Contact Wally Charles, or (415) 820-7993

Bay Area Planning Directors Association

Fall 2017 Meeting

October 13, 2017
8:30 am to 1:30 pm

Nile Hall, Preservation Park
668 13th Street, Oakland

Cannabis and the City:

Navigating the Regulatory Environment and Community Expectations

Agenda  (Download Agenda)

8:30 am

Registration/Continental Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome and Introductions

Since voters passed Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), legalizing the recreational use of cannabis in California, cities across the state have been working to understand how this emerging multi-billion dollar industry will impact local communities. How should zoning and municipal codes govern the cannabis industry? How do these businesses affect our communities and how should they be regulated? What should regulators understand about the differences between medical marijuana ordinances and the recreational uses allowed under Prop 64?

BAPDA Chair:

Al Savay, AICP · Community & Economic Development Director, City of San Carlos

9:10 am

The History of Pot

What are the implications for the emerging cannabis industry? In this keynote, learn about the history of cannabis as well as those municipalities that have already adopted regulations. Comprehend how they were able to regulate the administrative aspects of cannabis implementation within their communities.


Neil Hall · Business Initiative Leader, SCI Consulting Group

9:30 am

High Times and the Municipal Response

Many cities have some familiarity with medical cannabis businesses, but the new law expands the industry's footprint exponentially in terms of manufacturing, cultivation, retail sales, delivery and testing. Planners, councils, and commissions are now working with their communities to develop municipal codes that govern these uses and activities associated with marijuana sales and production. How should zoning and municipal codes govern the cannabis industry?


Paul Jensen, AICP · Community Development Director, City of San Rafael


Beth Greene, AICP · Senior Planner, City of Berkeley

Greg Minor · Assistant to the City Administrator, City of Oakland

Danielle O'Leary · Economic Development and Innovation Director, City of San Rafael

10:40 am


10:50 am

What Does the Future Hold for the Industry?

What should regulators understand about the differences between medical marijuana ordinances and the recreational uses allowed under Prop 64? This panel will focus on how these businesses affect our communities and how they should be regulated.


Whitney McNair, AICP · Director, Stanford University


Sean Kali-rai · Government Affairs Consultant, Jackson and Main, LLC

Neil Ruditsky · Senior Vice President, Elemental Wellness Center

Ruthann Ziegler · Principal, Meyers | Nave


Regional Planning

12:00 pm

HayWired Scenario Project: When will the lights be on after the Hayward fault earthquake?

Are we ready for a M7.0 earthquake under the East Bay? The recent hurricane disasters and the earthquake off the coast in Mexico are grim reminders of the toll natural disasters extract. People die, buildings are destroyed, and community recovery takes years, costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

The HayWired scenario centers on how our interconnected region will be tested in a catastrophe. With a 72% probability that a major event will hit the region, we have a lot to prepare for. Water and power systems will likely take months to restore full service; rebuilding homes and essential public facilities will take years.

Planning and Building officials can get a realistic picture of what could likely happen. This project will support communities to improve local resilience, reduce seismic risk, and build our collective capacity to best respond and recover.


Arrietta Chakos · Policy Advisor, Urban Resilience Strategies

12:15 pm

Local-Regional Government Engagement

Steve Heminger will give an overview of some of the key regional planning issues facing the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and hear ideas from BAPDA about how the newly consolidated staff — now integrated to serve the policy boards of both agencies — can work with local planners to advance solutions to address the Bay Area's housing crisis, as well as on transportation, resiliency, climate change and other matters.


Steve Heminger · Executive Director, Metropolitan Transportation Commissio

12:30 pm